The custom of Klidonas

If you choose Paros Island for your summer vacations, you will be able to experience the custom of Klidonas, among other events in Aliki Village, Paros.

After the sunset, the last day of May, young local men arrive by boat at Aliki’s Port. They are holding torches and they set fire to a pile of “Mays” on the sand (Mays: wreaths of flowers, made by people every year on May 1st).

When the fire has become strong, young girls and boys, jump over the flames under the sounds of traditional music.

It is a great celebration that lasts until late at night, where all visitors have the opportunity to enjoy local tastes, offered by local people, such as grilled octopus and suma (local drink).

Fish Celebration

Fish celebration is one of the greatest events in Aliki Village, Paros. The celebration takes place on August 6th every year, the date of the Transfiguration Day.

Beautiful fireworks, torches all over the beach and flares on the boats, turn the night into day. Local groups are performing traditional music and the celebration lasts until the first morning hours.  

Local wine and fresh fish, is offered to all visitors. Come and join us in this great celebration!

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

One of the greatest celebrations of the summer season, is the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14th.

At Aliki’s port, in the evening, dance groups from various regions of Greece, present their local music, traditional dances, songs and customs.

Therefore, if you decide to visit the island during that period, you will be able to experience customs not only from Paros, but from all over Greece as well.